The 4th

While his roommate is out of town, Jamie (Andre Hyland), a twentysomething illustrator living in Los Angeles, is planning to throw a 4th of July party on a very limited budget (to say he is ruined would be closer to reality). When he realizes he has left part of his purchase at the store, he decides to borrow his roomie’s bike to return there. This will be the first of many bad decisions that will turn the festivities of Independence Day into a nightmare filled with awkward situations. L.A. will suddenly turn into a hostile place for a man who only wants to kick back with burgers and beers in good company.


Writer, director, and actor Andre Hyland is known for his acclaimed short film Funnel (2014), which has over a hundred thousand views on YouTube and was nominated for Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and SXSW Grand Jury Award. With a definite knack for comedy, Hyland acts and writes for channels like Funny or Die, Comedy Central, MTV, and he worked with Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul). His debut feature The 4th is a slacker comedy, which he wrote and stars in as the main lead. In this film, we witness his encounters with a string of egoist characters without empathy in L.A., which is the perfect city for this story that feels like the adventures of a young Larry David.

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Year: 2016
Runtime: 82′
Country: USA
Direction: Andre Hyland
Screenplay: Andre Hyland
Cast: Andre Hyland, Johnny Pemberton, Anna Lee Lawson
Cinematography: Charlie Gibson, Shane Johnston
Genre: Comedy
Subtítols: Subtitula’m
Contacte: Andre Hyland

Wins & Nominations

2016: Nashville Film Festival
2016: Sarasota Film Festival
2016: Sundance Film Festival