Take Me to the River

Ryder is a naïve and self-centered gay California teenager. Forced to attend a family reunion in rural Nebraska, he tries to fly under the radar, not to upset his mother. He rapidly becomes the idol of his young cousin, Molly, who follows him around everywhere. However, a small accident causes Molly to end up with a blood stain on the front of her dress. After this event, things turn sour, and everyone becomes suspicious of Ryder. A tense and threatening atmosphere settles over the get-together and looms over the guests with unpredictable consequences.


The feature debut of Matt Sobel presents a violent contrast to its audience: bucolic landscapes paired with a constant uneasy feeling. With a master hand, Sobel sustains tension all throughout the movie: we don’t know what is happening, but we know it is happening. Take me to the river flirts with the thriller genre, without being a thriller per se, and is peppered with dark humour. A very personal feature superbly interpreted by the young Logan Miller.


Sundance Next 2015
Tallgrass International Film Festival 2015: Best Narrative Feature

Spanish Première

Year: 2015
Runtime: 84 min
Country: USA
Director: Matt Sobel
Screenplay: Matt Sobel
Cinematography: Thomas Scott, Stanton
Cast: Robin Weigert, Logan Miller, Richard Schiff
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Subtítles: Anjana Martínez
Contact: Matt Sobel