Lisa (Regina Hall, who we saw in People Places Things during Americana’s 2016 edition) is the manager at Double Whammies, a “breastaurant” in Austin, Texas. The waitresses might be scantily clad young women, yet Lisa brings a lot of dignity and self-respect to the job. While Lisa expects dedication from her all-female staff (including Columbus’ Haley Lu Richardson), she shows a lot of compassion for their problems and always has their back when one of them is facing personal difficulties. On a particularly challenging day, her boss rebukes her for being too generous with one of the girls. Afterwards, things unravel, but despite life’s ups and downs, the girls remain united and support each other.
A renowned figure of the American mumblecore movement, Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha, Computer Chess) delivers an emotional, character-driven film. His plot revolves around a string of everyday struggles for women coping in a chauvinistic environment, while keeping their head up high. Regina Hall, who was recently nominated for Best Actress at the Independent Spirit Awards, offers a beautifully layered performance as the girls’ den mother. Support the Girls is a smart and moving film about sisterhood in the workplace that has been warmly received by audiences and critics alike. Last year, his lead won Best Actress at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, and it was ranked one of the Ten Best Films of the Year according to the Boston Online Film Critics Association.

2018: Independent Spirit Awards: Nominated for best actress (Regina Hall)
2018: Gotham Awards: Nominated for best actress (Regina Hall) and screenplay

Year: 2018

Runtime: 90 min

Country: USA

Direction: Andrew Bujalski

Screenplay: Andrew Bujalski

Cinematography: Matthias Grunsky

Cast: Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Dylan Gelula

Genre: Comedy

Language: VOSE

Contact: La Aventura Audiovisual