A skater guitarist, a graffiti artist, two aspiring rappers, an exasperated fast food worker, and a limo driver are just a few of the characters that drift in and out of Summertime. They share their hopes and fears, and show us what it really means to be young and full of dreams in Los Angeles. A musical? More like a spoken-word poetry recital set at street level. During a hot summer day in L.A., the lives of these 25 young Angelinos will intersect.


After winning many awards for his debut Blindspotting (2018), director Carlos López Estrada returns with this urban mosaic demonstrating that he’s an artist who isn’t afraid to embrace his creativity. But if something stands out in Summertime, it is definitely its young cast of artists who write and recite poetry, inspired by real events occurring in the city. A series of individual performances that form an album in which each and everyone contributes to the final result. One of the most unclassifiable films that have been screened at Sundance arrives at Americana 2021. An artistic megaphone for Generation Z. Summertime is here. Spanish premiere.

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Year: 2020
Runtime: 95′
Country: USA
Direction: Carlos López Estrada
Screenplay: Carlos López Estrada
Cast: Paolina Acuña-González, Jason Alvarez, Austin Antoine
Cinematography: John Schmidt
Genre: Comedy
Subtitles: Subtitula’m
Contact: Film Constellation

Wins & Nominations

2020: Sundance Film Festival

2020: São Paulo Film Festival