New York City, 1986: Adam, a young Columbia graduate who plays the harmonica in his spare time, is dispirited, without aims or motivation. One day, walking through Harlem, he runs into Sterling “Mr Satan” Magee, a middle-aged African American “orchestra man” who plays blues on the street, and joins him. At the time, racial conflicts were on the rise, yet their fame on the streets of Harlem turned them into a unique symbol. Satan & Adam tells the story of two people from diametrically opposite worlds who were united by a strong musical bond. Their music will take them from the streets of Harlem to various stages around the world. However, right at the height of their career, Satan disappeared.
Balcerek, director of this heartfelt documentary, had the chance to enjoy one of their performances in a pub in the early 90s. Since that moment, he has been collecting information and archival material during 23 years to complete a story about highs and lows that celebrates their friendship and highlights the transformative power of music. Some critics already refer to Satan & Adam as the heir of the beautiful Sugar Man. Whether or not the audience agrees with the comparison, it is undeniable that Satan & Adam is one of the most exciting and surprising documentaries of the year.
2018: Nashville Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize

Year: 2018

Runtime: 80 min

Country: USA

Direction: Scott Balcerek, V. Scott Balcerek

Screenplay: V. Scott Balcerek, Ryan Suffern

Cinematography: Michael Grady, Mark Knobil, Ryan Suffern, Jeff Unay

OST: Paul Pilot

Cast: The Edge, Harry Shearer, Al Sharpton

Genre: Documentary

Language: 07/03 VOSC - 10/03 VOSE

Subtitles: Antti Savinen

Contact: Cargo Film & Releasing