Life Itself

Roger Ebert, most likely the most popular and influential film critic in the last decades of the 20th Century in the United States, passed away from a thyroid cancer in 2013. Ebert, who spent most of his life telling everyone what movies to watch, becomes himself the glittering main character of a movie. The film does not conceal any details regarding his illness and the most controversial moments in his career, specially on the 24 years where he co-presented a successful TV show along his rival Gene Siskel. Over the top, volatile, brilliant and sarcastic, Robert Ebert lived his life making noise until the very last day. Life Itself is a tribute to cinema and to those who love it.


Life Itself was directed by Steve James, an experienced documentary maker and a personal friend of Ebert’s. Roger Ebert himself asked him to film the last days of his life. Altogether, James crafts an endearing documentary with a classical structure set to become an indispensable story.

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Year: 2014
Runtime: 120′
Country: USA
Direction: Steve James
Cinematography: Dana Kupper
Genre: Documentary
Language: VOSE
Subtitles: Magnolia Pictures
Contact: Magnolia Pictures

Wins & Nominations

2014: National Board of Review – Best documentary
2014: Gotham Awards – Nominated for best documentary and audience award