Life During Wartime

This loose sequel to Happiness carries on with the complicated lives of the women in the Jordan family and the dramas that haunt them.


The long-awaited sequel to Happiness, eleven years later, follows the experiences of the Jordan family. Joy leaves her husband and hopes to find some comfort with her close family, but her sister Trish is having a hard time, dealing with the fact that her ex-husband was a pedophile who abused children, and Helen continues to be a victim of her profession, her fame and the emptiness that it entails. The three sisters will see how the past not only threatens their present but also foretells an uncertain future.


With a new ensemble cast, Solondz returns to his most iconic film to follow the pathological misfortune of characters haunted by their past and clueless about their present, who fight fruitlessly for an emotional well-being that always eludes them.


Title: Life During Wartime
Year: 2009
Runtime: 98′
Country: USA
Direction: Todd Solondz
Screenplay: Todd Solondz
Cast: Allison Janney, Shirley Henderson, Ally Sheedy, Gaby Hoffmann
Cinematography: Edward Lachman
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Wins and nominations

2009: Venice Film Festival – Best Screenplay
2010: Gotham Awards  – Best Cast
2011: Independent Spirit Awards – nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress (Allison Janney)