Les rayons Gamma

Competing in the New Directors section of the San Sebastián Film Festival, Les Rayons Gamma delves into the multicultural city of Montreal through the experiences of four teenagers of Arab and African descent: Fatima, Naïma, Abdel, and Toussaint.


Henry Bernadet’s film explores various themes, including the pursuit of love and friendship, job insecurity, and the acceptance of family history. It seeks to present an authentic portrayal of Montreal’s neighborhoods and offers a glimmer of hope in a reality often marginalized by society and the media.


With moments that are hypnotic, others that are awkward, and occasional humor, Les Rayons Gamma will resonate with viewers who appreciated hidden gems from previous editions of Americana, such as War Pony (Americana 2023) or Chicuarotes (Americana 2020).


Year: 2023
Runtime: 101′
Country: Canada
Direction: Henry Bernadet
Screenplay: Henry Bernadet, Nicolas Krief, Isabelle Brouillette
Cast: Chaïmaa Zineddine Elidrissi, Chris Kanyembuga, Hani Laroum
Cinematography: Philémon Crête, Nathan B Foisy, Philippe St-Gelais
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Subtitles: À quatre mains
Contact: Flamingo Films

Wins & nominations

2023: San Sebastián Film Festival (New Directors)