Jackson Heights is one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods on the planet. In this New York neighbourhood, 167 different languages are spoken and people from multiple countries and ethnicities, with different sexual orientations, cultures and religions, live together. Famous documentarist Frederick Wiseman chose this community as an example of the United States as a melting pot formed by successive waves of immigrants, and yet very strong in the face of assimilation and integration problems as well as cultural or religious differences so typical of many cities around the world. Through endless hours of filming, the resulting three hours show us the genuine reality of this neighbourhood in an almost pure state, with minimum interventionism.

In Jackson Heights is Frederick Wiseman’s 40th film since he started directing in 1967, with Titicut Follies. Born in Boston on January 1st, 1930, Wiseman – who recently turned 86 – is at the height of his extensive career and his last film has already been screened at well-known festivals like Venice, Toronto and New York. As it can be expected from a Wiseman film, In Jackson Heights stands out for its narrative anarchy and its in-depth social portrait, sparking off an authentic, unique and genuine experience for the viewer.


Spanish Première

2015: Venice Film Festival
2015: Toronto Film Festival
2015: New York Film Festival
2015: London Film Festival

Year: 2015

Runtime: 190 min

Country: USA

Director: Frederick Wiseman

Cinematography: John Davey

Genre: Documental

Languages: Anglès, Espanyol, Àrab



Subtitles: Anjana Martínez

Contact: Zipporah Films