Her Smell

Becky is the singer of a successful female punk group in the 90s. While dealing with various addictions and inner demons, she tries to recover the inspiration that consecrated them. The rest of the members and people around him will witness his descent and return from hell.

Elisabeth Moss, Alex Ross Perry’s recurring collaborator, gives her best performance, giving life to a singer in which echoes of Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain and, in the filmmaker’s words, Axl Rose resound. Without leaving his disenchanted aura, Ross Perry brings the camera closer to the faces of his characters to take us into a volatile, frenetic and crazy world where everything happens at a speed that is impossible to follow without alcohol and drugs.


Year: 2018
Runtime: 136′
Country: USA
Direction: Alex Ross Perry
Screenplay: Alex Ross Perry
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delevingne, Dan Stevens
Cinematography: Sean Price Williams
Genre: Drama
Subtitles: Anna López y Carlos Ulecia
Contact: Alex Ross Perry

Wins & nominations

2019: Gotham Awards – Nominated for Best Actress (Elisabeth Moss)
2019: Independent Spirit Awards- Nominated for Best Actress (Elisabeth Moss)
2023: SXSW Film Festival