After attending a party, Brad is randomly assaulted by two local thugs. He is left with some bruises, but mostly, emotional scars. However, Brad will have to shake it off and soon face another challenge: he is starting university and wants to pledge with the Phi Sigma Mu, his older brother Brett’s fraternity, which gives way to violent and degrading hazing. Brad wants to prove to himself that he is man enough to enter the fraternity as much as he wants to be part of a group that could offer him the protection he lacked during the assault. The brothers’ relationship will be put to the test, as older Brett is part of the frat boys and younger Brad is still a ‘goat’. Testosterone-fuelled and harsh, Goat is a riveting portray of hazing rituals occurring in American frat houses. A thrilling indie movie designed for a broader audience, without ever compromising the authenticity of the story.
Produced by James Franco, who also makes a memorable cameo, and written in part by David Gordon Green (director of Prince Avalanche and Joe), Goat is a gripping indie flick with the appeal of a mainstream feature. All the young actors do an incredible work, especially Ben Schnetzer (Pride) and Nick Jonas as the main leads. They offer a terrific and genuine breakthrough performance as the two brothers whose bond will be put to the test during the fraternity rituals. Shown at the Sundance Film Festival and at the Berlinale last year, Goat lands at Americana Film Festival with the promise of not leaving anyone indifferent.
2016: Sundance Film Festival
2016: Berlinale
2016: Sidney Film Festival
2016: San Francisco Film Festival
2016: Seatle Film Fest

Year: 2016

Runtime: 96 min

Country: USA

Direction: Andrew Neel

Screenplay: Andrew Neel

Cinematography: Ethan Palmer

OST: Arian Miranda

Cast: Nick Jonas, Ben Schnetzer, James Franco

Genre: Drama

Language: English


Subtitles: Iván Arias

Contact: Paramount