Claire’s parents are willing to do anything to rescue her daughter from the cult she has joined. For that reason, they hire Ansel Roth, a famous expert known for his ability to get into the human mind. But Ansel Roth doesn’t turn out to be the expert they expected, and Claire is not making things any easier either. When their psychological duel goes down, it will practically turn their minds into an added location for the film.


Riley Stearns undertakes his first film with a small budget but with a clear idea, which he develops with success. Mary Elisabeth Winstead’s acting (his wife in real life) and a surprising script that contains elements of thriller but also satire and drama are very helpful and solid ingredients for this success. Although the film takes place in one single location, it manages to be disturbing and captivating. After its screening at SXSW, Faults received an 80% of positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. It was also presented at the Sitges Film Festival, obtaining a very positive reception.

Year: 2014
Runtime: 89 min
Director: Riley Stearns
Cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lance Reddick, Leland Orser
Genre: Thriller
Subtitles: Savinen traducciones y subtítulos
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