Dave (Nick Thune) is an artist, but not having accomplished anything significant makes him feel professionally frustrated. However, this changes one weekend when Dave is home alone: he builds a cardboard maze in his living room. When his girlfriend Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) returns, she soon realises Dave can’t get out of his creation. Along with friends and a group of documentarians, Annie enters the labyrinth to save her boyfriend, but as Dave had warned her before, it’s inexplicably bigger than it seems at first. The rescue team embarks on a surrealist adventure, as the maze ends up swarming with traps and dark corners hiding curious creatures.


Actor-writer-director Bill Watterson’s debut feature may have been realised on a very low budget, but what it lacks in resources, he made up for in creativity and craftiness. Winner of the New Visions Award at the Sitges Film Festival and of the Audience Award at the Boston Underground Film Festival, Dave Made a Maze is an incredibly imaginative adventure ride for the viewers.


Sunday 11th – 18h – Sala 2

Free Entrance:
It is necessary to collect the tickets in Movistar de Gran de Gracia 139, Avenida Diagonal 570 or MWC of Plaza Catalunya stores.


Year: 2017

Runtime: 80 min

Country: Estats Units

Direction: Bill Watterson

Screenplay: Steven Sears, Bill Watterson

Cinematography: Jon Boal

OST: Mondo Boys

Cast: Nick Thune, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Adam Busch

Genre: Adventures

Language: VOSE