Oscar is a teenager still affected by two traumatic events from his childhood: witnessing the brutal attack of a gay boy and his parents’ bitter separation. An imaginative loner, Oscar enjoys creating theatrical make-up with his best friend Gemma, with whom he has an ambiguous relationship. They both dream of moving to New York, where Oscar hopes to study cinematographic make-up. Oscar’s confident is Buffy, a pet hamster his parents gave him when he was a still child (brilliantly voiced by Isabella Rossellini). One day, he finds a dull job at a local hardware store and meets Wilder, an enigmatic and charming boy who instantly catches his eye. From then on, his life gets even more complicated as Oscar tries to define his identity and his purpose in life, while his relationship with his dad deteriorates.
Stephen Dunn’s first feature film, Closet Monster, sets a new milestone for Americana as it is the first Canadian movie ever screened at our festival. We certainly hope it is not the last one, as this North American country has plenty of interesting independent filmmakers, such as Dunn. This film from the young Newfoundland director was, without a doubt, one of the best ways imaginable to introduce Canadian cinematography to our audience. Winner of Best Canadian Feature Film at Toronto International Film Festival and of two jury awards in Melbourne and Miami, Closet Monster is a magical and enthralling coming-of-age story about love, loneliness, and yearning set in the beautiful landscapes of Newfoundland. An amazing debut film from a director who will surely be much talked about in the future.
2016: TIFF – Best Canadian Feature Film
2016: Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Best Feature Film
2016: Melbourne Queer Film Festival – Best Feature Film
2015: Atlantic Film Festival – Best Atlantic Director and Best Atlantic Screenwrite
2015: FilmOut San Diego – Best First Narrative Feature and Best Supporting Actor (Aaron Abrams)

Year: 2015

Runtime: 90 min

Country: Canada

Direction: Stephen Dunn

Screenplay: Stephen Dunn

Cinematography: Bobby Shore

OST: Todor Kobakov, Maya Postepski

Cast: Connor Jessup, Aaron Abrams, Isabella Rossellini, Joanne Kelly

Genre: Drama

Language: English


Subtitles: À quatre mains

Contact: WTFILMS