Ella walks indifferent and proud while reading a book through a bustling fair. Men everywhere can’t help but looking at her, desiring her. She hops on a bumper car and all other people enjoying the ride cannot help but following her around. She is in fact the main attraction of the fair. Suddenly, an accident almost takes her life away. Jake’s presence saves her from a certain death, and Ella’s hero becomes her big love. From that moment on, the couple’s story will develop, packed with excess. Passionate love has never been easy to carry…


Cheatin’ is Bill Plympton’s seventh feature length animated film. The director, who is almost in his 70s, has a 50 year career as an independent animator, and many many short films under his belt. To Mr. Plympton’s usual themes of scatology, irreverence and surrealism, Cheatin’ brings out other themes such as a greater emotional depth. Like in his previous marvelous feature film, Idiots & Angels, Cheatin’ also has a noteworthy artistic interest. Many of the film’s sequences justify themselves with an imaginative artistic creation. Mr. Plympton directs, writes, produces and, as always, creates practically all by himself and from scratch a very personal and wonderful animated film: just like the pure essence of indie films. The film’s musical score by Nicole Renaud also deserves a special mention.

Annecy International Animated Film Festival: Special Jury Award
Gijón Film Festival: Best Animated Film

Year: 2013

Runtime: 76 min

Director: Bill Plympton

Genre: Animation

Official Website: http://cheatinmovie.com/

Contact: Plymptoons Studio