Breaking la vida

Unfolding over six years, this documentary chronicles the lives of six young dancers from diverse social backgrounds, united by their shared passion for hip-hop. Travelling around Mexico, they seek competitions, contests, and TV programs that could catapult them to fame. The film delves into their lives. Parenthood, heartbreaks, doubts, studies, and injuries become integral parts of their daily struggles as they aspire to turn their passion into a livelihood. Beyond the challenges, it is a story about friendship and passion.


Directed and written by Abraham Escobedo Salas, this dynamic documentary marks his directorial debut. The film has been screened at various festivals in Mexico, earning an honorary mention at the Guanajuato International Film Festival. Six years of dedicated work culminate in a story rich with the physical and emotional experiences of its six young protagonists.


Year: 2022
Runtime: 93′
Country: Mexico
Direction: Abraham Escobedo Salas
Screenplay: Abraham Escobedo Salas
Cast: Miguel Ángel Gonzalez Gómez, Emiliano Moncada, Oscar Eduardo Quintero Ramirez
Cinematography: Abraham Escobedo Salas
Genre: Documentary

Wins & nominations

2023: Guanajuato International Film Festival – Best Mexican Documentary
2023: Morelia Film Festival
2023: Zanate Documentary Film Festival – Audience Award