Ghost Town Anthology

Irénée-les-Neiges is a small town in the province of Quebec where the cold wind blows. The population of 215 people live isolated from the rest of the world and abide by its own unwritten rules. However, one day, a young man dies in a car crash. While the specter of suicide lingers, residents start feeling uneasy. Nonetheless, they do their best to ignore the unfortunate event, as though it had not occurred. They carry on with their lives and their strained relationships, burdened with strangeness. Yet, people start appearing, more and more, amongst the dense fog, invading slowly but surely the whole village. Who are these people? Strangers? Foreigners? Dead people coming back to settle the score? These unexpected visitors will push the locals to face their fears, break the isolation they had settled in and address the problem. Of course, things won’t ever be the same ever again after these events.


Author of key films of the Quebec New Wave movement such as Curling (2010) and Vic+Flo Saw a Bear (2013), renowned filmmaker Denis Côté is coming to Catalonia to present his newest work, Répertoire des villes disparues, after its screening at festivals such as Berlin and San Sebastián. Well-known for his portrait of isolated and peculiar characters, living in small-towns with frozen landscapes, the director adds a startling supernatural component to his film that makes it even stranger, if possible, involving positively eerie scenes that flirt with the horror genre. Yet, in the end, Denis Côté is interested in the study of protagonists that belong to a certain place and a community from which they can’t run away. An impressive mood piece, unsettling and unconventional, that will unmistakably move the audience.


Original title: Répertoire des villes disparues
Year: 2019
Runtime: 96′
Country: Canada
Direction: Denis Côté
Screenplay: Denis Côté
Cast: Robert Naylor, Josée Deschênes, Rémi Goulet Gènere
Cinematography: François Messier-Rheault
Genre: Fantasy
Subtitles: Subtitula’m
Contact: Flamingo Films

Wins & Nominations

2019: Festival de Berlin
2019: Festival de San Sebastián

2020: Americana Film Fest – Critics Choice