Workaholic Alex (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seems to have everything under control: she works as an environmental rights attorney, while her hubby George (Chris Messina, also the film director) stays at home to take care of their son, Dakota, and her father (Don Johnson). Everything changes the day George leaves Alex, unhappy of being her ‘housewife’ and wanting to pursue his own artistic career. While she is trying to cope with the new situation, her carefree sister turns up in California and her father starts to act more and more strangely.
Nominated at the Seattle International Film Festival, Alex of Venice is about the people closest to us. In the lead role, Winstead (who also stars in Swiss Army Man, presented at this year’s edition of Americana Film Festival, and in the sci-fi thriller 10, Cloverfield Lane) gives a stunning performance, alongside Don Johnson, brilliant in a supporting role as her father. The great Jennifer Jason Leigh also makes an appearance (just before she did Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight). Beautifully shot and with heartfelt performance, this film was made in true indie spirit.

Year: 2014

Runtime: 86 min

Country: USA

Direction: Chris Messina

Screenplay: Jessica Goldberg, Katie Nehra, Justin Shilton

Cinematography: Doug Emmett

OST: David Wingo

Genre: Drama

Language: English