Indie cinema and stand-up have been intertwined throughout its history. It can be said that during the 1970s the directors of the new batch of American cinema take the lead of the industry, and the new American comedians also become superstars.


It is no wonder that many filmmakers have embodied this world in their films and that countless comics have become the audience’s favorite actors. Crowd of directors have wanted to portray what happens between the puppets of the solitary comedy. From Judd Apatow and Nora Ephron to Gillian Robespierre and Milos Forman.


In Americana we have seen comedians such as Demetri Martin or Tig Notaro acting as actors, as a group of impromptu comedians struggling to survive in Don’t Think Twice and we know about the stand-up hobby of directors like Joel Potrykus (Buzzard) who focused his debut in this discipline, not forgetting the excellent short She Used to Laugh.


To pay tribute to this very fruitful relationship, Americana in collaboration with Cruïlla Comèdia and Talent Barcelona presents a night where independent cinema and the Catalan comedy scene definitely meet.


Comedian and screenwriter Pau Roigé will be master of ceremonies in a unique night with Irene Francolí, Andrés Fajngold, Enzo Vizcaíno and Març Llinàs.

Pau Roigé

Screenwriter, comedian and writer of short stories, children’s books and emails, many emails. He has worked on programs such as Polònia de TV3 and Versión RAC1, and has appeared on Zona Franca and 3 Minuts, but he has also worked in advertising and the press. In addition, he has spent many years creating content for social networks. He has his things in SER Catalunya, Ràdio Flaixbac, Time Out, BCN Més, Núvol, Ratachillona, ​​Poesía Completa, Edelvives and in the Google search engine. As we asked him for a longer bio, he also tells us that he is a food critic (seriously).


Irene Francolí

Ibizan comedian and screenwriter. Her Humanities studies condemned her to teaching or unemployment, but after a life in amateur theater groups, she decided to try her luck in Madrid in the world of showbiz. There she studied theatre, speech and improvisation and began to perform monologues in the female comedy show Ladys Night. In addition to stand-up, she is currently a contributor to the morning program of IB3 Ràdio Primer vol a Formentera and screenwriter of the Spotify podcast Esta no te la sabes.


Andrés Fajngold

He is an Argentinian comic who has lived in Barcelona since 2005. His face is well known in the local comedy clubs where he alternates performances in Catalan, Spanish and English. Many people have discovered his particular comedy from his collaboration in the late night of TV3 Zona Franca.


Març Llinás
He is a comedian and current screenwriter for the comedy program Està Passant on TV3. He is also the author of the podcast Mòbil, Cartera, Claus on Radio Primavera Sound and for a few years now he has taken to stand up, with the comfort of being at home. He is Mallorcan, but he vocalizes well.


Enzo Vizcaíno
Comedian and screenwriter. He has written for television programs such as Està Passant and Polònia. He has collaborated with El Mundo Today and Andreu Buenafuente’s Late Motiv. He also occasionally speaks on podcasts, such as Literaturium, and uploads drawings to Instagram. It would be very strange to upload drawings to podcast. Among all the reviews given to him by the critic, the first one he received stands out: “He is easily distracted and annoys the rest of his classmates”.