Cinematographer of many of the best independent films of the past decade according to The New Yorker, Sean Price Williams presented his acclaimed feature film The Sweet East at Cannes Filmmakers’ Fortnight. The photography of his films is very often characterized by a texture in 16 mm and a particular attention to light and to the fluidity of the camera (usually hand-held).


Williams has captured the essence of color in more than 60 films, around 50 shorts and 7 series since 1999, and has thus become one of the key figures of contemporary independent cinema. He has worked with such indispensable indie directors as Abel Ferrara, the Safdie brothers, Alex Ross Perry or Nathan Silver.


The Sweet East won the jury prize and the breakthrough film award at the last edition of the Deauville festival. This journey in the form of a road movie about the political contradictions of American society and the fragility that these cause in the social fabric places Williams as one of the most promising and indispensable figures of today.


He is also the director of photography for What Doesn’t Float and Funny Pages, which are also part of the festival’s programming.

Sean Price Williams is the protagonist of the retrospective that we are organizing this year with the Filmoteca de Catalunya.


Retrospective selection

Thirst Street

The Sweet East

One Man Dies a Million Times

Her Smell

Good Time

Entre les vagues