The film workshop for kids.



Saturday 02/03 – From 11h to 13h

Price: 5€


Place: La Casa del Cine – Joanic Square, 6



Americana Kids is a workshop to stimulate creativity, where children can learn how to make a movie while playing. Children will organize small filming teams to make a circular sequence shot where they will do all the tasks, from the script and organization of the technical team to the interpretation.

Boys and girls will propose different short scenes, they will dress up with dresses and face paintings and other objects that we will put at their disposal to play the chosen roles. Once they have everything ready, they will say “Action!” to start filming their first movie!

We want to teach children the value of audiovisual content through the cinema. In this workshop participants made ​​a stop-motionshort and then see the result with his parents in a venue.

Here you can watch the films of the last editions!