Cora Bora

10mar16:0016:00 92 minCora BoraSectionNextLanguageVOSECinemes Girona - Sala 3, C/ Girona, 175


Queer comedy with dramatic touches that follows the odyssey of Cora, a chaotic and daring singer-songwriter who is spiritually lost and anticipating that her open long-distance relationship is falling apart, decides to return to her hometown, to recover her partner and put an end to the decay that haunts her. Hannah Pearl Utt, director of the film, manages to create a story around one of the most iconic characters of this year’s edition, both imperfect and endearing. Written and produced by Rhianon Jones, executive producer of Shiva Baby or Palm Trees and Power Lines. SXSW hosted the film’s world premiere.




sunday 10 march, 16:00

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