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Thursday 20th

20:30 Opening Screening: Before I Disappear (with invitation)

Friday 20th

Saturday 21th

Sunday 22th
Americana Back in Filmoteca de Catalunya "Els nous indies"
Poison (85')
10/2 20:00 Sala Chomón
20/2 19:30 Sala Chomón
Requiem for a Dream (102')
11/02 20:00 Sala Chomón
14/2 22:00 Sala Chomón
Welcome to the Dollhouse (88')
12/2 21:30 Sala Laya
15/2 21:30 Sala Chomón
The living End (84')
13/2 19:30 Sala Chomón
18/2 20:00 Sala Chomón
Reservoir Dogs (99')
13/02 22:00 Sala Chomón
24/2 21:30 Sala Laya
In the Soup (93')
14/2 19:00 Sala Laya
22/2 21:30 Sala Chomón


Sorry, this entry is only available in Español and Català.


February 19th-22nd, 2015, in Cinemes Girona

"Els nous Indies" February 10th-24th in Filmoteca de Catalunya

Individual Ticket: 5€
Individual Ticket (Cinemes Girona Partners): 4€

5 Tickets card (shareable): 20€
Americana Kids (Petits Grans Indies): 3€ (tickets for kids, adults for free)
Doble Special Screening 'Fargo + Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter': 7€
Movistar Series: Free

Filmoteca Tickets (sold only in Filmoteca de Catalunya)
Individual Ticket Filmoteca de Catalunya: 4€
Individual Reduced Ticket Filmoteca de Catalunya: 3€
FILMO10 (10 Tickets card): 20€

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Be indie!

We invite you to be indie with us. And you will ask yourself: What does that mean? It's really easy! We offer you two different ways to Be Indie with Americana.


Watch indie films!

Enjoy our selection of indie films, which will be playing at the Girona cinemas from February 19th to 22nd, and at the Filmoteca de Catalunya from February 10th to 24th.
We are offering 22 features that will allow you to check out in person the current state of American indie cinema. We will bring you the best indie films of the year as well as undiscovered films from the most promising up-and-coming directors. Do not miss the opportunity to watch them on the big screen!

(Català) Converteix-te en indie!

Quentin Tarantino, Spike Jonze, Jim Jarmusch and Wes Anderson are famous indies. Well, guess what: you could be one too! All you need to do is to take a picture 'Americana style'. What does that mean? It means you can either imitate a famous indie film, a typical American stereotype or even take a selfie being indie. Your imagination and your talent with the camera are the limit!
Once you have your picture, send it to our Facebook contest. All the pictures will be published in our Facebook page, where users will be able to vote for them.
The 3 top photos with the most votes by February 16th at 6pm will win a set of five tickets for the Festival and a DVD of "Short Term 12", the feature that won the Audience Award last year (courtesy of La Aventura). Furthermore, the 4 photos with the most votes by February 22nd will win a Gift Card from Series de Movistar TV (courtesy of Movistar).

Remember: the most "likes" you get for your photo, the more options you have at winning, so you are welcome to share your photo with your friends on all your social platforms! You can do so on Facebook mentioning our profile
(https://www.facebook.com/americanafilmfest), and on Twitter, copying our address @americanaBcn and using the hashtags #feslindie #movistarseries. Contest rules here..


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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español and Català.


The Americana team

Festival Directors: Xavi Lezcano i Josep Maria Machado
Programming: Xavi Lezcano i Josep Maria Machado
Programming support: David Amorós i Marta Forns
Production: Oriol de Balanzó, Mar Canet, Vero Acevedo i Sandra Mantas
Corporate Image: Gloria Bonet
International Relations: Marta Forns
Press and Media: Mayca Sanz
Editorial: David Amorós, Oriol de Balanzó i Marta Forns
Translations: Marta Forns
Accreditations Manager: Sandra Mantas
Theater and Volunteer Team Manager: Vero Acevedo
Web: Josep Maria Machado
Subtitles: Guillermo Parra, Pascale Trencia, Savinen traducciones y subtítulos.
Lab: Videolab
Photo stills: Eladio Sánchez
Printing: Digital Igual

Volunteers: Cristhian Muñoz Maldonado, Carla Rabassa Bas, Víctor Sanz Lechuga, Vanessa Vidano, Ana Costa, Izaro Bo, Eva Romero, Vero Ruiz, Pablo Garcia Conde, Mario Temiño y Yago Ruiz

Clip: Cicely Films
Actors: León Martínez i Arwen

Special Thanks: Fran Carmona, Raquel Fernandez, Oriol Puig, Laura Fernández, Manel Alija, Mai Chujo, Noemí Elias, Marina Cisa y l’Associació Catalana de Crítics i Escriptors Cinematogràfics